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VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (August 15, 2019) – Parents of college-bound students have already had a dose of financial reality while preparing for their child’s imminent late-summer departure, including financial aid, scholarship applications and, of course, tuition.  While these are important, parents also need to consider insurance and ID Protection that can protect them and their family from harm and potentially return money to their pockets, according to AAA Tidewater Virginias


“Sending a student to college, especially for the first time, can be a life-altering experience for parents and students alike,” said Leah Hunger, Director of Insurance for AAA Tidewater Virginia. “They need to remember that this change has the potential to affect auto and home insurance coverage.”


AAA offers the following recommendations for parents of college students:


Auto Insurance – You may be able to lower your premium on your policy if your college-bound student does not take a car to school.  It’s important to note, however, that if parents remove their student as an active driver, he or she won’t be covered at school when driving a friend’s car.  If your student will drive at school, he or she may continue to be eligible for a “good student” discount – check with your insurer for their eligibility requirements. The student may also have his or her rate reduced depending on the location of the campus and your residence location.


Homeowners Insurance – Electronic “necessities” such as entertainment systems, laptop and desktop computers usually are covered against theft by homeowners’ insurance policies. Check to see if there are any restrictions in your policy.  If there is no coverage or inadequate coverage through your homeowners’ insurance, you may want to check with the university about coverage provided through it.


“Parents need to reinforce with students that they can’t leave their belongings and laptops lying around areas such as the library,” Hunger said. “Leaving the area, even just for a few moments, gives thieves enough time to walk off with computers and backpacks. Laptops can now be equipped with locks to prevent theft. And don’t forget that open dorm rooms, unlocked vehicles, and unsecured bicycles are also easy targets for thieves.”


ID Protection – While away from home, students should look into protecting themselves against thieves. The proliferation of mobile devices has provided another easy means for criminals to access personal data and steal thousands of dollars using other people’s identities. Services like ProtectMyID Essential, ProtectMyID Deluxe and ProtectMyID Platinum available to Auto Club members – which monitor users’ credit activities and assist users in resolving fraudulent charges.

Roadside Assistance – For students bringing a vehicle to campus or carpooling with other students, an AAA membership can be a valuable safeguard – and provide significant savings as the membership stays with the student no matter what car they are in. Parents can add their students to their membership as an associate member for a small yearly fee.


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